Decorating a Baby Nursery on a Budget Frugal Tips and Ideas


Decorating a toddlers’ room doesn’t mean everything should be brand new but rather can be acquired from thrift stores or in any other garage sales. According to Sigmund Freud (Austrian neurologist &Psychoanalyst) on early child development, the environment in which a toddler in brought up in dictates a lot in character and personality development.

Thus, a fancy environment will motivate your child and always keep her/him jovial, lively all through.

However, it is important to learn very quickly on your baby’s character so as to help and guide you in decorating her/his nursery at a cost. This will save you a great deal, therefore chose a design/ theme that you can make minor changes as the baby grows up instead of demolishing or redoing the whole apartment. The following are tips on how to spruce up your toddler’s nursery on a budget;

  • Create an easy, simple focal point

This can be achieved by using area rugs which fits and attracts the attention of the kid every time in the room.


  • Wall decals and hangings

There is no need to hire a designer or artist but instead you can do it for yourself. Look for a wall decals which almost match your room’s colour and theme. You don’t need fancy artwork, expensive hangings on your walls instead frame your family photos, dolls for a loving touch.


  • Avoid pricey beddings and furniture

Crib bumpers are no longer considered rather some cute, eye welcoming sheets, crib skirts to establish the look. These items can be swiped anytime one wishes.

Renovate old furniture by hiring a carpenter to paint old drawers which can therefore be used as changing point.

Instead of purchasing a new feeding chair you can adopt the existing chairs and use cushions for support.

image006 image007

  • Choose a low-cost storage

Consider to have decorative Moses baskets, boxes that can be left on the floor, line or shelves.

image010 image012 image014

  • Use interior catalogues for inspiration or else cut some of the pictures from magazines, journals and other thrilling materials to make a collage of ideas which can be of great interest to your baby.
  • Accessorize wisely.

If you wish to make your child’s baby nursery more colorful, decorative knobs and lighting are inexpensive, therefore can be acquired at a cheaper price and place in strategic point in the nursery.

  • Easy shelf styling

Toys and dolls for toddlers draw their attention whenever they come across. Acquire cheap and colorful dolls and toys, trucks and spread them on those shelves. The toys will always depend on the sex of your child; for girls make an attempt to fetch for them dolls because they instil a nurturing and motherly aspect in their character development. For the case of boys, they prefer trucks simply because they like being involved in vigorous actives and also enhances creativity.

Also, artistic decoration from craft point (wild life, mountains social and economic activities, culture) can as well expand their thinking and fantasizing about how the immediate environment could be.

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